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Where we are

Our work is structured according to three axes: fostering access to education and knowledge; the improvement of educational quality through the incorporation of ICTs; the generation and dissemination of knowledge.

It has taken us 13 years of growth to achieve this and become a global entity that is present today in Spain and 8 Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico and Ecuador. In addition, we work in collaboration with local agents in Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Uruguay and El Salvador. In Europe we also collaborate with 5 countries: Germany, Slovakia, Great Britain and the Czech Republic through Telefónica Volunteers.

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In Argentina, Fundación Telefónica fights against child labour, supports schooling through different programs and collaborates in the dissemination of art and culture.

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Brazil, Fundación Telefónica engages in schooling projects, initiatives against child labour, technological innovation and cultural dissemination.

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In Chile, the Foundation fights to eradicate child labour, supporting schooling initiatives through different programs and promoting education through art, among other cultural projects.

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In Colombia, the Foundation engages in educational innovation projects and initiatives seeking to eradicate labour in the entire country.

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In Ecuador, Fundación Telefónica combines entertainment and educational activities, joining its efforts with those of the organizations that make up its childhood protection network, seeking to eradicate child labour through various programs.

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El Salvador

The Foundation, since it started operating in El Salvador, has developed projects in education, social assistance and culture.  However, the primary task has been aimed at children.

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Through the Foundation we have helped secure schooling for more than 23,000 Guatemalan children and adolescents, and are present in 11 departments of the country.  

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The aim of Fundación Telefónica is to contribute to the development of societies through its work. In Mexico it develops children programs in 13 States, has technology classrooms in 8 towns and engages in other solidarity projects.

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Fundación Telefónica has a strong relationship with Nicaragua and is working on the development of different volunteer programs with other social actors, such as the Los Pipitos Medical Pedagogical Institute for disabled children.

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Our children program runs on selected Panamanian schools located in fringe urban, rural and indigenous areas with high levels of child labour.

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The Foundation develops a socially and culturally relevant and transforming action in Peru that aims to facilitate access to knowledge for all Peruvians based on innovative, integrated and global management.

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Since 2001, in Uruguay, the Foundation follows a comprehensive approach to address child labour in contexts of poverty through its children's program.

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In Venezuela Fundación Telefónica engages in important educational and children's projects and youth programs, debate championships, etc.… in different regions of the country.

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Fundación Telefónica, through O2 and its Think Big initiative, has launched several initiatives for the improvement of different communities in Germany. The goal is to allow these communicates to articulate ideas that can turn their neighbourhoods into more enjoyable places to live.

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In Slovakia, Fundación Telefónica and O2 support initiatives by young people in this Central European country seeking to develop their own projects for the improvement of their community.

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Spain channels the social and cultural action that Fundación Telefónica carries out at a worldwide level and also enjoys its own program, Spain Volunteers, to prevent social exclusion, among other educational and cultural projects. This is included in the Spanish corporate website.

United Kingdom

O2 and Fundación Telefónica promote the involvement of British youths in social projects in their communities through Think Big.

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Czech Republic

O2 and Fundación Telefónica promote the involvement of Czech citizens in social projects in their communities through Think Big.

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